Copper Water Bottle

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Colour Copper
Material Copper
Capacity 900 Milliliters
  • An environmentally friendly replacement for the plastic water bottle  
  • Copper bottles naturally alkalize water, which helps balance the body’s pH levels
  • Water stored in a copper vessel can be loaded with antioxidants, 


Caring for your bottle:
Fill half of the bottle with hot water.
Leave the bottle for a few minutes
After 15-20 min shake it well and rinse away the water from the bottle, and clean it with normal water 2-3 times.
Clean once a week

Using a scrubber/chemicals to clean the bottle
Using the bottle for storage of any other content than what's recommended, ONLY WATER!
Storing in the freezer
This bottle is exclusively for water. Never add lemon, teas, oils, or vegetables to the water.